Help us learn how we support academic researchers next

Whether your field is in the social sciences or computer science, whether your work is about bird migrations or information operations, we are interested in learning from your published academic work that uses the Twitter API.

Think of this as a lit review of academic research that uses the Twitter API. Over the next few months, we are testing this submission process to see if it can help our teams discover aggregate trends in how academics conduct research with the Twitter API, and learn from their research outcomes. This will help us see where we can invest in education, resources, or solutions that can make the Twitter API even more valuable for all types of academic research. Your submissions here can help us shape how we can invest in the academic community next. 

Later this year, we plan to share what we learned. Know that we are using your submission solely for our own internal research review - we will not use your submission for any other purposes without your knowledge and permission.

What we are looking for

Since this is a research review, it’s important that submissions we review meet a similar set of criteria. This helps us develop more accurate baselines and comparisons in the types of academic research using the Twitter API.

We will review academic research submissions that are:

  1. Submitted by a credited author
  2. Peer reviewed
  3. Approved by your institutions IRB and/or ERB
  4. Published by an academic journal, conference, or institution (sorry, no drafts or pre-prints)
  5. In agreement with the Twitter Developer Agreement and Policy and not for commercial purposes

How it works

Sign in to Submittable to share your work below. If you haven't used Submittable before, you will need to create a free account.

For your submission, make sure that your paper meets the study criteria noted above. We will ask you to share a bit of information about yourself, the person submitting, as well as for a PDF or link to your research publication.

Please note that once submitted, our team will review only the submissions that meet our study criteria. Your submission will only be used for our own internal discussions and learnings. In some cases, we might reach out to learn more about what you did.

Twitter Academic Research